ruthie L. designs is a boutique textile design studio based in the heart of Sydney. Since 2015, textile designer Ruth Lazerson has mainly specialised in hand crafted rugs for residential interiors, collaborating closely with talented interior designers and highly skilled artisans to create some stunning pieces. 

Says Ruth, 

Over this time I have learned so much about the carpet trade in South East Asia. Unfortunately many thousands of people who make carpets live way below what is considered to be any kind of dignified existence".

These cashmere blend scarves - my first collection WONDERS OF NATURE - came about not only as another way for me to create something beautiful and to bring joy to people but also as a way for me to make a contribution to women like myself who are simply trying to do their best for their families. Like me, they want their children to be healthy, to be able to go to school, to have food and clothing and to be able to play safely with creativity and enjoyment. 

The scarves are still in their very early days but I'm so excited at the opportunities the profits from their sales will hopefully provide for a weaving community in Nepal very close to my heart. 

As a supporter of Goodweave, the contributions I make through the sale of my rugs go towards freeing children in South East Asia from working at the looms and providing educational opportunities for them. Through the sales of my scarves and the assistance of a wonderful not for profit organisation called Weaving Dreams, women and children will have opportunities to live with joy and dignity - a basic human right entitled to every one of us.

Each scarf in the WONDERS OF NATURE collection is inspired by nature and tells a beautiful story. Wrapped up with your scarf in a beautiful suede envelope is its story - embrace yourself in its beauty and joy while knowing you have contributed to bringing something special to others too!